Our vision is to be the UAE’s icon of fashion fabrics, a journey of trust that will make the best of our customers experience.


We insists on offering customers with a classy variety of modern and classic fabrics throughout all our outlets.


In Bouquet we believe that family is the source of happiness and we do our best to celebrate it with you.


Bouquet Fabrics is not a mere family-owned business. It is a family heritage that has been improving its delivery of the finest fabrics in the region for more than 30 years.


Our first selection was exposed in Kuwaiti markets by the founder Mr. Abdulrahman Alsabbagh in 1962. Then the second opening was in KSA, across many cities: Riyadh, Al Khobar, Dammam, Makkah and Madina, in 1975.


We didn’t stop there, as we saw potential in the elegant customers of Damascus, we decided to start providing retail and wholesale services by 1979 at the heart of the business area.


The name Bouquet was first neon- lit on Abu-Dhabi streets in 1980. Then our growing sales to customers from Dubai encouraged us to open in Al Ghurair mall in 1982, and in 1983 we inaugurated our first store in Doha.


We have a rich selection of cotton fabrics, which varies every season to renew your collection of clothes from Bouquet. Cotton is known to be the best breathing fabric material. So it is perfect to wear for most of your purposes and occasions, and it gives you an unbeatable feeling of comfort and softness. soft, light, and highly absorbent, cotton makes comfortable, classy, healthy fabrics for all ages.
For centuries, modern fabrics tried to cope with coveted traits that exist naturally in Silk. Silk is inherently strong and fashioned from natural proteins. It is known of its ability to regulate body temperature in hot and cold locations. Silk also moisturizes the skin with its wicking properties. Also, its hypoallergenic qualities prevent skin irritation and keep you dry and comfortable in any climate, year-round.
Bouquet select for you fancy embroidery fabrics from cotton, linen, and blends. Your selection of fabric will depend on your vision for what you are planning to make, and the technique you want to use. Just ask our employees to assist you assort the adequate embroidery styles with your chosen fabrics, and see how it becomes a marvelous masterpiece project.
Plain fabric has been an integral part of everyday life since ever. It serves a variety of purposes as it represents a flexible medium that fits within different contexts, and be combined with other fabrics and dresses. Plain fabric can be adapted to flexible and static forms. You can get knitted plain fabric that stretches or takes changing shapes; it can be also woven on one shape. It responds to various measurements. Tight or loose, wrapped or draped.
This is one of our favorite fabrics that have represented class and beauty in the modern history. It is a construction of delicate yarn or thread. Since its rise to popularity in the 16th century, lace leads strongly women choices related to the fabric of their dresses. Additionally to its traditional use in accentuating collars and cuffs, lace now is used artistically within the dress and can be adapted to tight and loose designs, and in much more spots than what it was known for.
Fancy is not a specific type of fabrics that you might be seeking among our collections. Craftsmanship reveals its assets within our choice of fabric, with quality, detail and materials. These are the secrets of attaining the fabulous appearance, ultimate quality and comfort we promise you. In Bouquet, we present you with enormously rich options of lavish tulle and delicate lace embroidered with spectacular beads, sequins and crystals that come together into the finest dress of your dreams.




Cotton, Silk, Viscose, Fancy, Embroidery

European Textiles & Fabrics

Our designs are exclusive and difficult to find in other shops

We have specific fabrics category on sales from time to time.

Mostly Silk Lurex & Chiffon Lurex fabrics.

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